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May Flowers with Rosa

This month we sat down with Rosa, one of the original organizers of the Brentwood Public Library’s Seed Library! Rosa discusses the how the idea of a seed library was birthed and how it has transformed over the years.

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The Heckscher Museum of Art

We sat down with the Executive Director of the Heckscher Museum of Art. Use one of our museum passes and visit today!

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Peter’s Farewell

Longtime ‘Brentwood Stories’ host Peter Carmona says goodbye as he moves on to other projects in the library. Welcome new podcast hosts DJ and Sam!


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Brentwood Stories – Episode XX

Hello and welcome back to Brentwood stories. In today’s episode Celia and I speak with Eric D’arce. Eric worked as a page for the Brentwood library during his high school years, then later served our country as a member of the marines and now works for a solar energy company and also works with his wife in her newly founded business!

Brentwood Stories – Episode XIX

Hello and welcome back to Brentwood stories. In our latest episode, Celia and I welcome two of Brentwood public library’s internet stars: Kofi and Andres. Listeners might remember Andres from our Episode featuring library pages Joshua and Juan, or from his work on our library’s other podcast: Average Brentwood Teens. Kofi works begins the scene in our tech services department, but you might be familiar with him from his time on our Library’s twitch channel. Kofi and Andres talk about working at the library, esports, and viral videos all in this new episode.

Brentwood Stories – Episode XVII

In today’s installment, me and Celia speak with a woman of many talents. Khadija Hines spent over 11 years as a member of the Brentwood public library staff, and has since moved on to become a business owner, performer and mother. Khadijah takes us through the inspiring journey of her life in the next episode of Brentwood stories. 

Brentwood Stories – Episode XVI

In today’s episode of Brentwood bios, we sit down with Rafael Rodriguez. Rafael lived in Brentwood in his youth, and worked as a page for the Brentwood public library. Later on Rafael would move on to the accounting profession, which ultimately led him to return to the library as a volunteer tax preparer. Me and Celia speak with Rafael about this and his other passions on this episode of Brentwood stories.

Brentwood Stories – Episode XV

Our next guest for our Brentwood BIOS series is home grown artist Diego Garcia. Diego’s art had been featured in exhibitions across long island, New York City and more, and in today’s episode I was blessed with the privilege of learning more about Diego’s art, his roots in Brentwood and his early influences and inspirations.


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Brentwood Stories – Episode XIV

Today is the first episode of the new Brentwood bios miniseries where we feature a memorable member of the Brentwood community. Some individuals have grown up here and even more have found themselves an inseparable part of the Brentwood community through their lives and actions 

For today’s interview me and past Brentwood stories guest Celia Vollmer check in with Robert Kannert, a former page and library clerk currently working for the Brentwood school district. Me and Celia, Roberts’ former supervisor, catch up with him as he shares some of his memories of Brentwood.